Care of your Prints

Please be aware that the front of your print is delicate and should be handled with care. To keep your print in good condition it should be framed behind glass/acrylic and hung away from direct sunlight and damp areas.

Flattening your print

If you plan on having your print professionally framed, it is best to leave it rolled up its original shipping tube. Your framer will flatten the print accordingly.

If you are framing your print yourself, carefully remove the print from the shipping tube, unroll it and leave it on a flat clean surface overnight before framing (see diagram below). This will help print flatten without any forced distress. As a last resort, you may need to put a weight across the entire print. Make sure the weight (eg a board) is clean, flat and evenly dispersed to ensure no dents are made to the surface.

Be aware that the longer you store your print in the tube the more difficult it will be to flatten it.

Don’t try to flatten a rolled print quickly by rubbing it against a sharp edge or rolling it forcefully in the opposite direction.

We do our best to provide you with great work, but we cannot be responsible for damage due to improper handling or display.

Ready to hang framed prints

Our framed prints are very popular simply because everything is done for you – just unwrap and hang. We use custom Australian made timber frames in three colours – black, white and Tasmanian Oak.

Care of your frames

Hang framed prints away from direct sunlight and damp areas. Remove dust by using a soft feather duster or by gently wiping with a soft damp cloth.

DIY Frames for Prints

If you’d prefer to do your own framing, here are some suggestions on where to look for ready to hang frames.

We have kept the sizes of our prints standard so it should be easy to find frames. These can be found in department stores (eg Target, Harvey Norman, BigW) or on the shelf in most local frame shops.

We have also included some of the popular Ikea Ribba frame sizes. These include: 

  • 12x16inch/30x40cm without the mat
  • 16x20in/40x50cm without the mat
  • 19 ¾ x 27 ½/50x70cm without mat or with the mat it takes a 16x20in print
  • 24x36in/ 61x91cm frame with the mat takes the 50x70cm/20x28in print.