Custom Map Prints
Custom Map Prints
Custom Map Prints

Do you have a special place that you would like to preserve or give as a gift? Maybe you’d like to commemorate your hometown or display where you spent your honeymoon. No matter where, our custom maps can be made of any place in the world.

Custom Two-Tone Map Print

Choose any city in the world and have it made into a custom map print. Maybe your hometown, birthplace, where you got married or just a city you dream about visiting one day. A custom map of a special place makes a unique and thoughtful gift for friends and family.

Custom Abstract Map Print

We all have a special place that we hold close to our hearts. It may be where you first met or the town where you grew up – a place filled with warmth, great friends and family. Available in three colourways.

Custom Minimalist Map Print

Have our classic Minimalist Map Print made with your custom location. This style has proven to be our most popular because of its simple black and white design.

Boho Arch Map Art

Custom Arched Map Print

I created this design to have a contemporary Boho feel. Inspired by architectural arched doors and windows of Menorca, I made this timeless shape a feature of this print.
Custom Heart Map Prints

Custom Heart or Round Map Print

We have designed this print to show off the places you love or to remember a special moment. The minimalist design makes it an ideal print for any modern home, particularly suiting living spaces and bedrooms.

Custom Abstract Heart Map Print

Celebrate your relationship with this special design. We designed this print abstract yet still show your location. This design is very popular as a personal gift.

Custom Two Location Map

Two Towns Map Print

We have designed this print to show off where you came from before you met. Choose two locations and add a short heading to tie it all together.